Buffered Readers
Buffered Readers

Join our community of Engineers and Technologists dedicated to career growth and improving skills.

Buffered Readers is like an online "book-club" where we read and discuss articles, books, blogs.

Short Term Goal: Stopping the Impostor Syndrome by creating a base-line of technical knowledge.

Long-Term Goal: Enabling a career growth trajectory against a continuous and rapidly changing landscape.

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Have you ever wondered or worried about your career progression?

As Engineers and Technologists, our world is constantly changing. Our value is not just tied to what we can do, but what we know.

We've all been there - wondering if we know enough, if we're progressing enough, if we're working on enough different projects.

Buffered Readers was born out of this anxiety - an attempt to address fear by growing with the support of a group.

We are made up of Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors, Leads, Managers, Directors, and more.

Reading materials are curated and selected in a variety of methods and all compared to where technology is and where it's headed.

Sometimes we read articles, sometimes we read books, and we openly discuss and share on our slack channel.

For more info, contact Alishah Novin


Be committed to reading the materials. Discussions all stem from the materials. While all opinions are welcome and accepted, they should be informed. It's ok if you can't always participate, but we ask you only participate when you've taken the time to read the material.

Be supportive of every member. They're part of the community for a reason. Part of growth is learning not to put people down, but lifting them up. You may disagree with someone, but don't disrespect them.

Be honest with yourself and the community. If you're not here to put in the work, or looking to promote something, you'll be removed from the group.

Be yourself. While we respect everyone's privacy, we also believe it's important to the community that everyone accurately represent who they are. Use a real profile picture, use your real name.

Be professional. Anyone found to be violating the guidelines, being disrespectful, harassing, or otherwise not actively participating in the group will be removed.